Rules & Regulations

1. Rent and payment for electricity are due and payable as per the terms of the site rental
agreement. You will be charged a $25.00 late fee plus $10.00 per day past the due date if the
total amount is not received in the office by the due date (NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS).
2. Returned checks – in addition to a $15.00 handling fee, the late fee described in #1 will be
charged until full payment is received in cash, cashiers check or money order. Future rent
payments after an N.S.F. payment shall be in the form of CASH ONLY.
3. Quiet hours are from 10:30 PM to 7:30 AM. Please be quiet and considerate of your
4. The number of persons occupying the recreational vehicle shall not exceed the six (6)
registrants. A penalty of $100.00 per person will be enforced if the occupancy rule is violated.
Additionally, the appropriate fee for the number of additional persons will be charged and
computed from the Effective Date of your site rental agreement.
5. The space you are renting is neat, clean and adequate for your recreational vehicle. Keep it
that way and return the RV Site upon termination or expiration of your site rental agreement in
the same condition provided. Do not make any changes to the RV Site without the prior written
consent of the park.
6. Loud, obnoxious, disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful conduct or conduct that disturbs or
threatens the rights, comfort, or convenience of others in or near the Property will not be
7. Violence or the threat of violence will not be tolerated.
8. No display, discharge or possession of a gun, knife or other weapon in any way that may
alarm others is allowed.
9. The possession, sale or manufacture of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on the RV Site or
anywhere else on the Property is prohibited.
10. The operation of a business on the RV Site or on the Property is prohibited.
11. The storage of hazardous materials on the RV Site or anywhere on the Property is
12. Speed limit is 5 MPH.
13. No parking on the grass or in unassigned parking spaces.
14. No major vehicle repairs will be permitted on the premises.
15. PETS (dogs & cats) must be on a leash at all times. A shovel is as necessary as a leash.
16. Cutting of trees and plants is prohibited.
17. Keep your campsite litter free, including cigarette butts.
18. Campfires in grills only.
19. Do NOT wash campers or vehicles on premises unless you obtain a Wash Permit from the
20. We try to keep our restroom and shower facilities neat and clean at all times. Please take
care of them and report any problem immediately.
21. Do not let water run unnecessarily.
22. A sewer hose “donut” or “L” connector is required.
23. TRASH is picked up daily at 10:00 AM. Do NOT leave trash out overnight as
dogs and cats get into it.

24. No trailers are allowed in RV spots; designated trailer parking is located in the back field.



At time of booking, we require a one night of reservation total as a deposit.


If Camper cancels reservation greater than 30 days to arrival, Camper will be refunded the deposit less a $35 cancellation fee. If Camper cancels reservation less than 30 days to arrival, we will keep one night deposit. Cancellations can be completed online, phone, email, and in person. All cancellations receive a confirmation of cancellation #. It is the Campers responsibility to ensure they have received the cancellation confirmation number for verification. RESERVATION CHANGES Rescheduling of dates may be allowed if the Camper(s) agrees rates of reservation depend on stay dates. The reservation change fee is $35.00 fee. Camper agrees if there is any difference in the balance due this will be adjusted accordingly, either up or down. If Camper(s) request to change to a different site / cabin within thirty days of the Reservation Approval, this change is at the discretion of the Resort. There is NO guarantee that the request to reschedule will be approved. If approved, the Camper(s) paid amount will be credited to the new reservation, the Reservation Change Fee, will be added to the Camper(s) balance due. If there is any difference in the balance due this will be adjusted accordingly, either up or down. REFUNDS All eligible refunds will be issued to the credit card on file. There are no cash or check refunds available. Refunds and/or rate adjustments are not made for any inconveniences. There are NO REFUNDS or reductions made due to the following: failure of appliances, failure of equipment, early departures, delayed arrivals, inclement weather, or public utility failure or interruption, or Acts of God.